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We help you save money on your HVAC investment by protecting your equipment resulting in higher efficiency and cleaner air for your office, shop or facility

A good filter, changed often, is the most cost effective maintenance anyone can do to manage their HVAC needs. Buying filters that filter less so they stay in the unit longer between changes is false economy, or no economy at all. Condensation can build up on your evaporators may capture particles that are not stopped by a filtercollect on the coil, restricting air flow.

Where your energy dollar goes:

Good filter maintenance determines the efficiency of the equipment, the amount of service required to keep the unit in peak operation, and the longevity of your operating unit.

The cleaner the filters, the longer your equipment operates at peak efficiency and at minimum energy expended. A regular filter change, every four weeks, provides an opportunity for your Filter Service professional to give the equipment a quick visual check-over of operating conditions and to report potential problems to the proper persons to eliminate down time and to prevent costly repairs.

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