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Proper maintenance of equipment only makes good economic sense to ensure optimum performance.

These often neglected maintenance items can cause a chain reaction of very costly problems:

Take your HVAC from dirty liability...
...to clean and effecient.

1. Dirty filters
2. Dirty coils (evaporator)
3. Loose blower motor belts
4. Too much or too little freon
5. Dirty or coated condenser coils

Resulting in...

1. Increased energy usage
- Increased electricity costs of operation.
- Heating build up of wiring.
- Insulation break down around wires.
- Insulation break down around motors.
- The increased heat of excessive amps drawn, crystallizes the contacts on all relays. This shortens the service life by not conducting the full load the relays are designed to carry; thus increasing the heat generated.

2. Restriction of air-flow
- Unit capacity is diminished.
- Even with more energy is used, much less cooling is received than the equipment is designed to deliver.
- Architects and contractors designed your facility with optimimum equipment operation, not under performance.
- Proper maintenance of equipment and every unit, makes good economic sense.

Most of these filtration issues apply to the heating cycle of the equipment too.

What's the filtration history of your unit?
All of these conditions can be traced back to the filtration history of the unit. Good filter maintenance is by far the most important item that determines the efficiency of the equipment, the amount of service required to keep the unit in peak operation, and the longevity of cost efficient operation of the unit.

Dollars spent on a quality filter, with regular changing, and good cleaning of equipment results in money saved from less maintenance, less downtime, less energy cost of operation, cooler selling space, cleaner air to breath, and dust free atmosphere inside your store, commercial paint shop, or children's educational enviroment.

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